Mr Free Minds’ Baltimore Sun Feature Debut

Mr-Free-Minds-Balt.-SunMr. Free Minds had his debut feature in the Baltimore Sun on Saturday, July 12, 2015, just a few days after his birthday. The article was in the Education section of the Baltimore Sun, and it covered a few various topics.The image captures Mr. Free Minds speaking to his entrepreneurial professor and adviser. He speaks on what traits he believes a (successful) entrepreneur should have. Click here to read the full story!

Being featured in this article was really big for me. The Baltimore Sun is the biggest newspaper in my city, and having a chance to be seen it is an honor. It feels really good when your hometown shows support and believes in you just much as you believe in yourself. I really want to thank my professor, Dr. Van Berten of Stevenson University for working with me in that opportunity. I also want to thank the Sarah, and writers over at the Baltimore Sun for giving me that opportunity. I really look forward to working with the Baltimore Sun again.

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