Free Minds Summer ’15 Giveaway!

S15GiveawayIf you have been following our page on Facebook, you may have seen our latest giveaway event! To enter, you only need to like our Facebook page, invite your friends, and share our page on your timeline. One lucky winner will receive a t shirt in the color of his or her choosing, along with a Free Minds wristband and button! Giveaway ends Aug. 1, 2015, so enter now!

Order Your Exclusive Black “Infinity” Hoodie Today!

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Free Minds’ well received “Infinity” hoodie is set to be exclusively released on November 9, 2013, and those who place an orders will receive theirs shortly after. All sizes available. The website’s shop is currently open for orders, and only those who place their orders prior to the release date will get one. After November 9th, there is an indefinite amount of time this hoodie will be released again. So once it’s gone, it’s gone. Get yours today!