New Custom Jersey T!

As of late, I have made the decision to give a personal reflection on each custom item I create. Recently, I created my very first custom jersey style t shirt. The process of this customization was very challenging, but the rewards of completing it were just as great.

Custom sewn by me, this shirt features 2 leather stripes at the bottom, and one leather stripe on each sleeve. The monogrammed letters and numbers on the back are leather as well, which may add a stylish sense of luxury. Adding the stripes to the bottom was pretty simple, and took the least amount of time to do. When I got to the sleeve stripes, it became a little tricky as far as making sure they were both the same size, and in the same place on both sleeves. All in all, it turned out great.

The most challenging part of this custom piece was monogramming each letter onto the shirt. Having to deal with the letters staying straight, and in place while I sew them proved to be a little difficult. However, for my first attempt at monogramming, I am proud of the outcome.

Front of Jersey T

Front of Jersey T

The front of the shirt features a new cross design embroidered on the left chest.

Although I enjoyed creating this custom piece, to be more efficient in providing my customers with this product, everything will be printed.

If you are subscribed to Free Minds’ newsletter, you will have the option to get this shirt in any color you wish! The newsletter will tell you how. If you want to sign up for our newsletter, click here. The general release of this shirt will come in multiple sizes, but will only be in black. You can get yours here!

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